CCTV and Forensics

In the event of a robbery, there are several metrics which will aid in solving a potentially costly crime. Thanks to modern technology, a number of methods are normally employed. One such approach is the aid of a closed-circuit television camera in understanding what has taken place. This will often be used alongside several forensic techniques. So, what benefits does a CCTV system offer the investigator when used alongside modern forensics?

Determining the Time of the Event

One of the most challenging tasks in terms of forensics is determining the exact time when the alleged robbery or violation took place. As a closed-circuit television system will easily display this factor, it will be much easier to pin down possible suspects.

Facial Recognition

Modern CCTV systems offer high-quality imaging that was not possible only a handful of years ago. Thus, any suspects in question are much easier to identify. This is often used in combination with facial recognition software that can quickly pick up key features and match these with individuals who have already been documented as criminals.

The Inside Job Question

While this may not be immediately apparent, a considerable number of thefts are actually committed by those who are familiar with the premises (such as an employee). If the suspect in question seems to be aware of the presence of a CCTV system, it is highly likely that he or she may be related to the property in question. This can provide a forensics team with a powerful lead and subsequently, employee screening and even lie detector tests will offer a more targeted approach to solving a crime.

These are some examples of the synergy exhibited when a closed-circuit television system is used in conjunction with modern forensics. Providing real-time information, these cameras are indeed popular within countless homes and businesses.